You Shouldn’t Do That In Public

The day after the steroid injection and the feeling has been surprising. When I woke up this morning, the usual extreme pain and stiffness wasn’t quite as extreme. After sitting up I realized that I had gotten the best sleep I’ve had in months. I haven’t felt this rested and ready for the day to start in a long time. Getting out of bed and putting on my robe, I realized that standing was a tiny bit easier. I didn’t feel like a feeble old woman trying to get up off the floor. As I walked down the hallway to the kitchen, I didn’t feel the gravel-like grinding in the socket.

There was a small amount of pain, but nothing like what I’m used to waking up with. I’m thinking, if this is only the day after, how am I going to feel a week from now? As with most other pain relief that I’ve tried, I usually feel good for about a week before I start feeling the pain come floating back. So, of course, that sort of concern and fear is still there. What if I did this and two weeks from now I’m right back where I was before the injection? That would be a giant bummer.

Google says that the effects of the injection can take 3-5 days to fully take effect. And once the effects begin, it can last anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Well good lord, talk about a margin.

My fear is that this will only last me a few days after it takes effect. Even if it only lasts a month, I’m not in a huge hurry to go back and get another one. Granted it wasn’t terribly painful, I’m still not sure how much that is going to cost me at this point. I’m fairly positive it isn’t a procedure I can repeat too often. Well, unless I want to be poor. Well, poorer than I am now.

After my husband and I got home from the doctors office yesterday, we started talking about the way that everyone at the clinic seemed to be testing our nerves. He told me that while I was having the procedure done AND while I was having the MRI, he was being tested on his own. Without me there to possibly diffuse the situation.

When I was in the X-ray room getting the injection he said that there was a little boy playing with some large action figures very loudly. And for some reason the little boys mother decided it would be a good idea to leave her son alone. When she was gone, the boy started talking even louder to his action figures. All the while, the woman with the cell phone and loud show is continuing on. Eventually he said the waiting area cleared out and he was by himself. He was in a chair next to all of my belongings. A man comes into the waiting area and considering there are dozens of other chairs to choose from. He chooses the one next to my belongings. This man begins hacking and coughing. So my husband gets frustrated and makes it obvious that he is moving away from this man. Finally one of the techs comes out and tells my husband to go get the car.

We make it over to the MRI building and that transition goes surprisingly smoothly. He then tells me that towards the end of the time I was getting the MRI, a very old gentleman came in wearing huge headphones. The woman at the desk starts trying to talk to him, of course he doesn’t hear her. He said some sort of remark about her eyes and yelled that he can’t hear her because of the headphones. Nnnoo really?

Then it’s my turn to deal with this gentlemen’s shenanigans. I come out of the MRI area and the door to the changing room is closed, oh great he’s in there. I end up having to sit and wait around ten minutes for him to comes out. Oh no, he wasn’t changing. He was having trouble getting his watch off. Why he didn’t ask for help after a couple minutes, I don’t understand.

It was one of those days where it seemed like everyone around us was just completely unaware and/or didn’t care about how they were affecting other people. It really is surprising what people think is okay or not. All I can really say is that clipping your fingernails in a public doctor’s office is never okay.

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