Enjoying My Numbness

Well, I’m about two past having a giant needle in my hip socket. The fear and anxiety I was feeling just before that appointment was terrible.

I left work around 2:00 today, went home to pick up my husband and then headed to Kaiser Permanente. We got there a bit later than I had wanted but when we arrived, it seemed like today was going to be the day that the world truly tested my husband’s patience.Upon arrival, we nearly ran into an older couple that decided to take a corner on the wrong side, and then completely stop in front of us. MOVE!

Heading up to the front desk, I give the woman my insurance ID card and the woman that was at the desk before me forgot her electronic blood pressure cuff on the desk. So, I had to stand there and wait for her to shuffle over and grab that. I get checked in, and then we have to make our way over to the radiology area. Have to check in, again. Of course, there’s some paperwork I have to fill out regarding any allergies or medical issues that may react to the contrast material. After giving that information to the lady at the front desk, I go back and sit down next to my husband.

That’s when the clicking started. What in the hell? I look around and find a woman sitting behind us is CLIPPING HER FINGERNAILS in the doctor’s office. Who does that? We’re both sitting there facing away from her and with every click of the clippers we both flinch.

Shortly after this clicking subsided, a woman and her husband checked in to the lab, which is the desk next to the radiology one. He stays at the desk getting checked in and she sits down a few chairs away from us. This woman proceeds to start watching a show on her phone very loudly. Absolutely no courtesy for the people around her.

Finally, I get called back. My husband has to stay out in the waiting area until the procedure is done. God help him.

I go back and go through all of the formalities and get changed into a blue pair of scrubs, making me feel like Violet Beauregarde after she chews on the problem gum. I’m taken into the x-ray room and I lay down on an exam table and the radiologist comes in. Goes through all of the information about the risks and possible side effects. He and the nurse start preparing the medications. Lidocaine to numb me up, contrast material for the MRI that is to take place afterwards, and a steroid to help with the pain and inflammation in my hip socket.

The injection ends up happening on the front side of my hip, just a bit southwest of my pelvic area. The radiologist uses the real-time x-ray to figure out where he is going to place the needle and he marks it with a marker. He then cleans the area, places the drape and readies me for the lidocaine. I’ve had this injection before and it isn’t pleasant. Breathing through it, he finishes and get the needle that he will be using for the injection. I take a quick look and decide that I probably shouldn’t be looking at right now. When he begins to place the needle I mostly feel pressure initially, as he pushed the needle deeper I started to feel a pang of pain. A few more pushes and he has the needle in place. He took several images to make sure everything was properly in place.

When he started injecting the medication into my hip I could feel the pressure building and the tingling started. I think I was the ideal patient, I tried my hardest to keep still and I didn’t make a peep. After the injection was done and the needle was out. We had to get me moved into a wheelchair so I could make my way over to get my MRI. Once I was finally in the wheelchair I was taken out front and my husband was waiting with the car. I fumbled my way into the car and we literally drove to the other side of the parking lot to the building building with the MRI. My husband had to go get another wheelchair to take me inside. Because the radiologist injected contrast into the joint space, keeping everything in place was necessary. So I was unable to walk or put too much weight on my left leg.

Upon finishing the MRI, I came out and needed to change my clothing. I was still wearing the blueberry scrubs. Another test of patience was taking his sweet time in the changing room. I ended up having to sit in a chair waiting on him to come out for a good ten minutes. All I wanted to do was leave. I was done being in the damn scrubs, and I was done being in medical surroundings.

Finally when he came out from the dressing room I quickly changed and we finally got to leave. Walking was fine, and I was actually feeling painless at that moment. It was wonderful, and at this moment I’m still swimming in wonderful world of painlessness. If I could have this feeling everyday, I would be in heaven.

At this point I have to call the medical assistant for the physician I met with in Hillsboro to let her know that I got the MRI so they can look for the results and send them to the surgeon in California. That way he can review my information and see if I’m eligible for the PAO. I’ll be interested to see what the results of my MRI will be.

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