Synovial..What Now?

Yesterday I was looking through the appointment notes from when I had gone up to Hillsboro for the orthopedic appointment and I noticed something that the doctor hadn’t mentioned. He put in an order for a hip fluid aspiration and a steroid injection into my hip socket. Oh lord, I didn’t know that was going to be a thing. Sure, I knew about needing the MRI with contrast and all of that fun stuff, but I didn’t know he was wanting me to get all that other stuff.

And of course, being the masochist that I am, I looked up how the aspiration and the injection procedures look like. It wasn’t as terrifying as I had anticipated. The aspiration is called an Arthrocentesis. This procedure is done in order to get a sample of Synovial fluid within the joint.

The above picture shows in yellow, where the synovial fluid is located. Since I will also be getting a steroid injection they will do these procedures in the same visit. The radiologist will be using a fluoroscopic X-ray machine in order to see the hip joint, and to make it so the medication can be accurately placed.

I’m not 100% sure what sort of tests they’re going to be running on my fluid sample, but I’m just assuming it will likely be a battery of tests since I haven’t had the fluid aspiration before.

When the Synovial fluid is being tested, they will be looking for any other underlying issues with the hip socket, in addition to the dysplasia. The main things they’ll be looking for is infections, gout, arthritis, or any abnormal bleeding. Based on prior MRI’s that I’ve had, arthritis is the main culprit causing a lot of the pain and discomfort. But a true diagnosis of anything aside from the dysplasia may offer me some sort of relief that whatever I’m feeling isn’t just imagined.

After reading about the corticosteroid injection, I have to say I’m actually pretty excited about it. Not so much excited about the needle going into my hip socket, but I’m excited about the real potential for some pain relief until a decision can be made about getting surgery. This has been the first instance where a physician has really been trying to help me obtain some real relief.

Upon reading some views and opinions about people that have gotten the steroid injections, it does make me a bit nervous. Some of the reactions from the shots include severe pain to having a full body reaction. I want to at least give it a try, but it either it’s going to help or make me super sick.

The symptoms of people receiving the injections include fever, nausea, fever, and increased pain in the joint that received the injection. Obviously I’m not fond of having any of those symptoms but I don’t see how it could be avoided. I’m so desperate for pain relief that if I end up sick to my stomach and a little queasy, I’m all for it.

The biggest concern I really have is the uncertainty if it will actually help. Some people have said it helps with an injection every three to four months, and some have said that it didn’t help at all. The only pain relief happening when there was the numbing medicine in the joint.

Unfortunately my back hasn’t gotten much better. I have about seven days left on the prednisone. I haven’t been taking the muscle relaxers and definitely not the norco. Obviously the side effects from the norco aren’t really worth the small amount of pain relief. I’ve been thinking about possibly trying a chiropractor. I’m always willing to try and alternative treatment to maybe get relief. Chiropractic is the only alternative treatment I haven’t tried yet and it seems like it would feel so good to get adjusted back into place.

A few good snaps, and all better. If only it were that easy.

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