Yesterday was the day. I got to meet with my new hip doctor in Hillsboro. The appointment went so much better than I could have anticipated.

But first, let’s go back to Saturday.

My husband and I went grocery shopping on Saturday because were thinking about going up to the mountains for the day on Sunday. I had been seeing all sorts of social media updates of friends that were suddenly beginning to be surrounded by snow. And of course, I was getting all jealous and whiny about there not being any snow in town. When we got home from grocery shopping, I started putting everything away. I squatted down in front of the refrigerator and when I tried to stand back up, I felt something pop in my back.

I leaned against the kitchen counter for quite some time, trying to figure out what just happened.

For the rest of the night I sat with the heating pad on my lower back, hoping it would help. I didn’t sleep very well that night but I still got up and ate breakfast and tried to get ready for the day so we could go find some snow. After getting out of the shower my whole left leg started going numb, my foot started tingling, and my lower back hurt like crazy. I broke out into tears and called my husband into the bedroom. For the first time ever, I had to ask him to help me get dressed. I couldn’t reach down past my knees.

The pain was unbearable and Aleve wasn’t even touching the pain. I finally caved and ask my husband to take me to the Emergency room. It was about 11:30 am and I had just ruined the fun plans for the day. I was so upset, I wanted to see some snow dammit.

When we got to the ER, my husband dropped me off at the front entrance and I hobbled in to get checked in. The process went fairly quickly and I was lead right back to triage. Then I was quickly called over to the registration booth and the woman wheeled me to a room. I was pretty impressed with the speed of getting taken back to a room.

Once the ER doctor came into my room he asked me what was going on and I told him a little bit about my physical history. My pain was at an 8 to 9 and I couldn’t sit straight. I had to sort of balance my weight on my right hip cheek since the left side of my body was giving me the problems. The doctor said that I had somehow pinched the sciatic nerve and there was likely swelling that was causing it to be relentless. I was given a steroid taper dosage, Norco, and a muscle relaxer. For the rest of the day I just laid in the recliner and kept myself drugged up so I wasn’t crying.

We left town the next day around 1:00 pm and we arrived at Kaiser Permanente in Hillsboro about 20 minutes before my appointment. Everyone was no nice and I was dreading what the outcome may be, orthopedic appointments usually don’t go well for me.

When the doctor came in to start the exam he asked for a history of what I had done to get treatment and who I had seen. That alone took about 15-20 minutes. After looking at my X-Ray from two months back he agreed that a PAO is the surgery that I need.

One little issue though.

The only Kaiser Permanente, PAO surgeon on the west coast is currently residing in Oakland, California. Great. I looked it up online and it’s about a 9 ½ hour trip south from where we currently live. It not a terrible distance to have to travel, just not at close as I was hoping it would be.

Moving forward, I’m supposed to get another MRI of my hips because the one I had was over three years ago and it’s far too old because a lot could have changed in that amount of time. When they send my images to the surgeon in California he’ll decide whether I am a good candidate for the surgery. If he decides that I am, I am going there as soon as something can be scheduled.

If I’m not a candidate, then something else will have to happen.

The physician in Hillsboro said that he would be apprehensive to do a full hip replacement on someone my age when my arthritis isn’t progressed enough. I understand that, but I had to explain to him how my life has been going and how my mobility has been decreasing as time goes on. He seemed very understanding and willing to work with me as much as he can.


I was sneaky and stole a snapshot of my latest X-ray and on the left is just a general google image of a healthy left hip. The other one is mine. I cringe just looking at the image. The head of the femur is flattened, there’s jagged ridges along the top front part of the socket. The overall ‘C’ shape of the socket doesn’t quite resemble a ‘C’ anymore.

Now, it’s time to hurry up and wait for more imaging.

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