Perhaps Some Novocaine?

It’s been one of those days today.

Sitting at my desk, minding my own business and suddenly I feel the all-to-familiar tingle in my left foot. As I’m shifting my weight there’s a huge spasm in my lower back that radiates down my thigh. Every couple of minutes I feel another spasm. Damn it all, at least it happened at the end of the work day.

Even though I have been diagnosed by a physician as having sciatica, I still don’t know for certain if there is a correlation between all of the issues I currently have. Obviously the hip dysplasia is the main underlying issue, but where does the arthritis and sciatica come in? The arthritis is because of the dysplasia. The bones and cartilage have been working overtime because of the socket being positioned incorrectly. If the socket was normal, the weight would be distributed evenly.

I’ve been reading articles online, trying to find the connection between the two things. Unfortunately, the information that I’ve been finding is a correlation after surgery. Sometimes the nerve can be pinched or damaged after having surgery because of the proximity of the surgery site and the nerve. But, seeing as I haven’t had any surgery yet, and the sciatica didn’t begin until about six months ago, it’s a quandary.

Here’s a pretty straight forward image of the sciatic nerve and where it goes.


The only other explanation I can come up with is my reduced mobility is causing the sciatic pain. Seeing as I only walk and move around unless I really need to, maybe it’s putting more pressure on my back, hip, and thigh. But again, I’ve been unable to find any medical information to back that idea.

Another idea is that possibly I have an underlying issue in my lower back, such as a herniated disk. If there is a damaged or ‘angry’ disk in the lower back near the site where the nerve exits the spine and moves down into the legs, this could cause the discomfort that I’m experiencing. But, the last time I saw my general physician he didn’t do any sort of examination to see if there was a herniated disk or anything else. I told him that my prior physician had said that I was experiencing sciatica and he just took it at my word. Perhaps if he had looked into it a little further he may have found the issue. He could also be a bit intimidated by the amount of things going on with my lower body and he just doesn’t even want to try anything himself, move me on to the next guy.

I keep telling my husband “If I could find a way to either have a spinal at all times so I could just be numb from the waist down, talk about heaven.” or even a sort of numbing pain relief going straight into my hip socket. If something like that even existed, I can’t even begin to explain how quickly I would be running to get it. At this point in time, I can’t remember what it’s like to wake up without pain and discomfort.

Part of me thinks I should stop reading stories about women who have had a successful diagnosis and treatment, it makes me feel so discouraged. It makes me wonder why I haven’t been able to find the help of a caring and understanding surgeon? What if I can’t be helped so I just keep getting tossed around to different doctors? And if I can’t be helped am I going to end up losing all mobility? Am I going to end up in a wheelchair?

Welcome to my brain. It’s a jumbled mess of worries, what-ifs, and questions.

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